We are selling
SAFFRON for Medical

& Cosmetic Use

100% Iranian Saffron. Guaranteed High Quality.

We own fields in the Kashmar Khorasan in Iran,
where we cultivate our own Crocus sativus L. production.

My name is German Oliver, a digital strategist and a trader based in Singapore.
I happen to know a direct and trustable contact person that I personally know very well for many years  — a great and humble business partner who owns acres of land that farms the highest quality of Saffron in the world found in Persian region.

They have been supplying saffron to South Korea, China, United Arab Emirates and in European Union
for decades mainly as plain spice for the color, rich taste and distinct flavour to food. 

Since they own the fields in Kashmar Khorasan in Iran,
we guarantee you the best price for the quality of our Saffron.

Let’s get right to the point,
We are selling high quality Iranian saffron for Medical/ Pharmaceutical
& Cosmetic use to the world marketplace.

Its 100% vertically integrated
manufacturing process, from the crops to final product, guarantees the quality of our Saffron.

With the discovery and timely demand of Saffron in the market,
we are expanding the business/ trade and distribution to the world including more
medical and cosmetic companies in the Asia Pacific region and United States from
its wonderful and amazing benefits.

We have all the Tests and Certifications of our Saffrons
to prove the quality and get your confidence.


Why choose us to get  your Saffron?

  • Persian origin
    Native & original land of saffron
  • 100% Traceability
    Native & original land of saffron
  • DNA tested
    Guaranteed 100% Crocus Sativus L.
  • Free Adulterations
    Crocus Sativus L. Purity guaranteed
  • Sargol quality
    First class saffron stigmas
  • Richest extracts in active compounds
    Safranal, Crocins, Picrocrocins, Safromotives
  • Non- GMO Product
    More than 30 Clinical Studies on Persian Saffron
  • Non- irridiated
    Not undergone a process of ionized radiation
  • Backed by Science
    More than 30C Clinical Studies on Persian Saffron
  • Chemical Profile
    Backed by ScienceMore than 10 clinical studies
  • Published Clinical
    Evidences similar effects to Fluoxetine
  • Bioactive compounds
    Analyzed by HPLC with higher value than 3.5%

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Uses of SAFFRON in the market?

Saffron is clinically proven for its medical use for Depression, Heart Health, Eyesight, Insomnia, Alzheimer and Weight Loss.

  1. Natural alternative for the prevention of mood disorders
  2. Prevents diabetes
  3. Cancer preventing agent
  4. Enhances cardiovascular health
  5. Improve Alzheimer’s symptoms
  6. Stimulates weight loss
  7. Improves vision

Saffron contains great antioxidant properties, making it a first choice for the cosmetic industry. They are used as anti-aging ingredients, colouring, scents and other benefits from manganese and Vitamin C as well.

Saffron has always been treasured for its golden red color, rich, and distinct flavor. It is also been celebrated for its health benefits.

For your Confidence on our  
High Quality Saffron

Below are our Test Results and Certification.

by  the Islamic Chamber Research & Information Center (ICRIC) Supreme Monitotring Committee
by International Goods Inspecton 
by International Goods Inspecton 
Documented MSDS 
Materials Safety Data Sheet documentation ready.

  • Please just advise or request for a more complete details of the reports and certifications of our Saffron if needed.

We store our SAFFRON on a well controlled temperature and darker
room to keep the highest quality of standard after their harvest for the longest time possible.

Our warehouses are in 2 strategic locations: SINGAPORE & IRAN.
Singapore to  supply and deliver customers in the Asia Pacific Region,
and Iran to our customers in the China, the United Arab Emirates, and the EU.

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