Assignment at Rutgers University related to Social Influencer Marketing:  Question assumptions that an influencer marketing platform can automate an inefficient operation.
by: German Oliver Hain 

Influencer Marketing platform may work and could automate an inefficient operation but would not give a dependable, reliable or no guaranteed satisfactory automation of positive result /expectation.

There are still need for some vital human intervention along the way or process to make sure it deliver its supposed purpose effectively. Automating the inefficient operation could only magnify inefficiency.  

Automated influencer marketing platform as strategy needs enough time still to be perfectly developed by the experts to meet the diversified approach of individual influencers with different ways and style to achieve desired results. There is no such thing as the concept of ‘one size fits all’ — and will be applicable to all on this matter.

One’s reliable authority, knowledge and expertise are far more important in gaining credibility to influence and shape or change the mindset of the audience who will be making decision to positive intention of conversion. Influencer marketing automation approach need to solve first the challenge of identifying the right authorities that would shape the mindset of followers and believers from their respective community.

Without a streamlined system before the automation of influence marketing – it could only result into so much mess to the execution of a weak strategy. It would be advisable to have a smoother flow of system and well defined strategy first before the implementation of a more fit automation to bring in or magnify efficiency. 

Therefore, who would want to put effort on magnifying the inefficiency after putting the automation on inefficient operation? Automation on Influencer Marketing platform is advisable provided we got a streamlined system prior to its use and purpose to ensure its satisfactory results conveniently.  Still, an efficient human that would manage vital parts and function from the automation is for more important to succeed. Human intervention along the way on the system such as on decision making, selection and filtering of the most fit or right authorities need to be reckoned of high importance to achieve goals on awesome KPIs and deliver a satisfactory return of marketing investment.