A summary from SEO presentation of Pam Aungst (Pam Am Marketing) 
New York University — SPS Digital Content Strategies 
November 26, 2019 
by German Oliver Hain II

Developing digital marketing contents in today’s world of business & competition require viable strategies to reach the target market for effective business conversions of traffic & engagements.

An SEO specialist from Pam Ann Marketing shared to the class to better structure and strategically plan digital contents that would be published into the web. There are tons and overowing of unorganized information to everyone on the web — that actually provide all answers and solutions in convenience. According to her expertise, it would best to have the website in Word Press platform for many valid and technical great reasons. Having it on other platforforms such as Squarespace and Wix is good too, but they oer limited features and functions that would support the complete requirements of the business. 

Article Marketing from the Blog Sites and Social Media Marketing (from at least 4 channels/ media mix as advisable) play a big help also to support the result of
searchability of digital contents and information we offer. Developing strategic contents in mobile responsive flexibility must be a huge consideration for the availability of digital content presence.

This means the display of information should comply to the modern digital lifestyle of information distribution — tablets, smartphones, desktop, laptop and etc where give no excuses not to be accessed. “A vehicle need a gas/ fuel to run. It’s like saying SEO essentials are one of the gas we need for our strategic digital content to help reach the target audience/ market (faster).” Word Press provides almost all the plugins needed and techically for being ‘more loved’ by more search engines specially Google which is the main platform most people use.

It is easy to built a great looking and flashy website, but it is NO USE if not being reached by the target audience and with pathetic number of traffic or visitors looking for business.

This is where the SEO backbone should come in to help our digital contents reach its audience well and make our contents/ information be searched easily and get a more content value which search engines favors (like Google).If our contents were structured with proper SEO backbone, we could assure a better ranking results from thesearch engines.

Here are 9 points she emphasized when creating digital contents with SEO backbone essentials:

  • Importance of keywords & contents as vital ‘Google food’
  • Meta tags and schema from the backend
  • Strategic header tags distribution (where keywords in H1, H2, and others should be properly tagged)
  • Value of creating original contents to get a stable organic results
  • Connection to external links with high PR score
    (popularity rating)
  • Tone quality of content development — where
    content information should sound more relateable to human — writing for human
    (which the content value is much higher)
  • Convenience of available FREE plugins compatible Word Press platform
  • Importance of Photos & video file names as
    part of digital contents
  • Importance of ‘catchy’ title page descriptions, phrases with keywords and proper tags

SEO results are better in organic way — as it would give a more stability on the result ranking display, though the result is not always immediate or instantaneous. Depending on the effort and time devoted to SEO work which is quite tedious, results may be seen after few months to one year. But the good thing is, there are reliable systems or platforms to track the performance of SEO work executed. Inorganic SEO refers to the unnatural result display as they are the paid ones/ paid advertisements to reach more audience the faster way.

Google Analytics is one famous platform to track the performance of keywords, audience track, even the campaigns through SEM (the paid marketing effort) that bases on the impression and per click engagements among the web visitors. And of course, Social Media Marketing campaign could also be tracked on this platform.